I appreciated learning how to properly build compost, make my own organic fertilizers, save seed for varietal purity, and use organic, environmentally responsible methods of gardening. This program has filled gaps in my knowledge, specifically in the areas of soil fertility, garden planning, and the history of western agriculture. I was thrilled to learn so many homesteading skills, from fermentation to food preservation. I feel fortunate to have been given so much independence, trust, and responsibility on the farm.
— Rebecka S.
The array of succulent vegetables and ancient grains cultivated along with the lovingly tended fruit trees and vineyard (and the flowers!), are truly an inspiration.
— Laralyn Y.
From my experience at Delphi I have come to understand vegetables that I have seen grow from seed, all the way through their lifecycle, in a totally different way.
— Tori Truscheit
Going forward from Delphi, I’ll continue to grow edibles and ornamentals wherever I live, if possible, with a mind towards pleasing garden design and sustainability. I’ll use my knowledge to help others interested in horticulture. I’ll continue the fascinating study and application of biodynamic practices.

We face many challenges to provide healthy, sustainable food in coming years. Many of us must serve as educators, and mentors. I feel better equipped to do that following participation in this program.
— Marty S.
"Since working at Delphi I've become much more aware of water use, identifying particular soil conditions, and the ill effects of genetically modified foods on our health and the environment. The hands-on experience of being charged with watering a particular area helped me to better understand soil structures and their responses to water."  
All of the amazing people at Delphi taught me a lot about being humble, working hard, and enjoying being here, alive.

"My time at the Delphi Agrarian Arts Foundation taught me so much while, perhaps most importantly, it reinforced the necessity to intimately observe and appreciate natural processes in my role as a  farmer/gardener/caretaker."

"My favorite experiences at Delphi include scything grains, pruning fruit trees, learning about bees and their hives, harvesting flowers and distilling their essences, and maintaining my area of the vegetable border."
What our grandparents knew by heart we now need to re-learn and re-invent to offer this precious heritage to our children...And that’s why such places as Delphi are invaluable - as no knowledge finds an easier way to your heart than the knowledge gained through experience. Observing grains growing and seeds ripening, seeing fruits maturing and transforming into preserves that will keep their deliciousness through winter, taking gentle and constant care of soil to make your next harvest plentiful - all of it not only provides you with knowledge and skill but overflows you with respect and appreciation of nature and our almost infinite opportunities to benefit from its generous abundance.

Farming and gardening bring us back to our roots but even more importantly they bring us closer to our inner selves. Cultivating a piece of land is one of the most meditative and soul-healing experiences that I am aware of. When a productive day follows with a tasty dinner made out of vegetables you grew and a cup of herbal tea prepared from herbs of your own garden it makes your day complete. I wish we all could sometimes experience such joy and fulfillment. And even though this way of living does come closely bound with constant hard work, it gets you hooked for life as no other.
— Natalya Y.

[At Delphi] I learned how to start and finish a planting cycle to ensure good nutrient and water access through crop rotation, strong initial seed germination, using shade or insulation covers, and how to clear and aerate and prepare a garden bed for planting in.