The mission of the Delphi Agrarian Arts Foundation is to teach people to grow nutrient-rich food organically and in harmony with nature. We regard the soil as a vital living organism and work to keep it healthy through the use of animal manures, composting and crop rotation. We also follow biodynamic principals to ensure the vigor of seeds and plants, beekeeping for pollination, and we incorporate food preservation methods into our curriculum. We are passionate about education and strive to stay abreast of the latest research and techniques to support an agrarian renaissance.

Our internship program offers the experience of learning aspects of biodynamic, permaculture, and organic gardening methods through experiential learning, theoretical instruction, and group discussion. Our focus is on small-scale production for growing fresh food year round in a designed setting, based on a gardening principle known as ferme ornée. The vision of the Delphi Foundation is to become an example for enriched sustainable living, as well as a center for environmental and cultural stewardship.