Delphi is a private estate in the Santa Cruz Mountains surrounded by giant redwoods. Nearly all of the acreage is under management and includes ornamental and formal gardens, in the ferme ornée tradition, featuring native plants and trees, as well as species from different parts of the world.

Only organic methods are used with animal manures supplied by the estate’s horses and chickens.

Roughly half of the property is devoted to food production including mixed vegetables, legumes and grains, an extensive fruit orchard with numerous varieties, nut trees and a small vineyard. 

We train up to six different interns over the course of each year in all aspects of sustainable agriculture that we practice at our estate.


We are committed to this because, since the industrialization of our nation’s agriculture, the nutritional quality of the food it produces has been rapidly declining. Food sustained by chemical fertilizers and sprayed with pesticides has become a commodity with potential health risks rather than a wholesome source of fuel to sustain our bodies.

The time has come for an agrarian renaissance.